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Willowglass came into being in 2003/04 as a personal project by Andrew Marshall to produce music in the same vein as the progressive rock acts of the early to mid 1970’s; a great passion since childhood. Andrew had played in numerous bands since the early 1980’s, playing either guitar, bass, or keyboards, covering a variety of styles - rock, pop, funk, blues, etc. However, his passion remained throughout for progressive rock. During a hiatus, and after a period of writing, he was joined by Dave Brightman (who previously played in the same blues band as Andrew in the 1990’s) for the recording of the first album.

Following its (unexpected) success, a second album, Book Of Hours, was recorded as well as some additional tracks for projects by Colossus (released via Musea Records). Again he was joined by Dave Brightman for these recordings.

After a five year gap, the third album (The Dream Harbour) was released. This time Andrew was joined by Hans Jörg Schmitz and Steve Unruh in order to expand the sound, diversity, and musicianship.

Andrew now sees Willowglass as a continually evolving project, incorporating the talents of different musicians as the sound of Willowglass develops.

The Players...

Hans Jörg Schmitz

Drums / Percussion

German drummer Hans is a freelance professional musician and drum teacher with numerous live, radio, and TV performances under his belt. Hans currently records under his own project ‘King Of Agogik’.


Andrew Marshall

Guitars / Keyboards / Basses

Steve Unruh

Flute / Violin / Guitar

Steve is a member of the bands ‘Resistor’ and ‘The Samurai Of Prog’, as well as a solo artist in his own right. An extremely talented multi-instrumentalist  (as well as vocalist!), Steve has lent his talents to numerous bands and projects over recent years.


Dave Brightman

Drums / Percussion

Throughout the 1990’s, Dave and Andrew played in the same blues band. Dave joined Andrew in the recording of the first two Willowglass albums, as well as the track ‘The Crossing’ for the Colossus ‘Inferno’ project.