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31 July 2016

The Decameron Part III CD box set has now been released (see advert below). This release features the excusive Willowglass track ‘The Siena Ghost’.

4 March 2016

Just making initial plans to release one of the first three Willowglass albums on vinyl. In order to judge if this is viable please email if you would be interested in this and which album you would like to see released first.

3 March 2016

There have been some issues with the release of ‘Decameron Pt. 3’. As a result, this will now be released via Seacrest Oy, not Musea Records as planned. You can pre-order this 4-disc set at info@seacrestoy.com.

1 August 2015

A new Willowglass track called ‘The Siena Ghost’ has been completed and will appear on the Colossus album ‘Decameron Pt. 3’ as ‘Day 7, Tale 10’ , due for release on Musea Records later this year. The track also features some fantastic playing (of course!) from Hans Jörg Schmitz (Drums) and Steve Unruh (Flute, Violin, Electric Guitar).

Meanwhile, work is underway on the next Willowglass album. This will hopefully be a bit special and is planned to be a double album (or maybe two separate releases ?) and will feature a number of special guests!

21 January 2015

A bit of late news…the latest album from King of Agogik (a.k.a. Hans Jörg Schmitz), ‘Exlex Beats’, was released on 29th November. A fascinating and eclectic album featuring a wealth of talent - Dago Wilms, Gary Farmer, Steve Unruh, Michael Elzer, Michael Kreutz, Erik Vaxjö, Pantelis Petrakakis, Arne Schäfer, and Peter Simon. I appear (on classical guitar) on the track ‘Sheol’. Details are on Hans’ website www.king-of-agogik.com.

Plans are also being drawn up for the next Willowglass album. This time I hope to make it a bit special…I’ll update the site as things develop.

There will also be a new exclusive Willowglass track on the planned Colossus release ‘Decameron - Pt. 3’. Not sure when this will be released - probably later this year/early next year.

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Decameron - Ten Days In 100 Novellas (Part II)

Release from Colossus/Musea Records. 4-cd set featuring 35 tracks from progressive music acts from around the world. Also includes 80-page booklet with artwork by Ed Unitsky.

The Samurai Of Prog - Secrets Of Disguise

Willowglass - The Dream Harbour

Latest release from Marco Bernard, Kimmo Pörsti, and Steve Unruh. Also features Robert Webb, Linus Kåse, David Myers, Lalo Huber, plus many special guests.

Latest release from Willowglass.

King Of Agogik - Exlex Beats

New release from Hans Jörg Schmitz, featuring Dago Wilms, Gary Farmer, Steve Unruh, Michael Elzer, Michael Kreutz, plus many more…