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31 July 2014

Another big catch-up, both old and new, with regards to what has been happening since the last update.

Firstly, I contributed 6 & 12-string acoustic guitar on the ‘Secrets Of Disguise’ album by The Samurai Of Prog, which was released back in 2013 on Musea Records. The two tracks were cover versions of ‘Dancing With The Moonlit Knight’ (Genesis) and ‘To Take Him Away’ (Sandrose).

On a more recent note, there is a new Willowglass track called ‘The Salvestra Tear’ which appears on the latest Colossus project ‘Decameron - Ten Days In 100 Novellas (Part II)’. This was released earlier this month on Musea Records. Once again, the track also features Hans Jörg Schmitz (drums/percussion) and Steve Unruh (flute/violin). This is yet another fantastic 4-disc set (35 tracks) from Colossus featuring contributions from many acts from around the world, including Robert Webb (England), Nexus, Oceanic Legion, The Samurai Of Prog, Steve Unruh, King Of Agogik, Rhys Marsh, Trion, Unitopia, Karda Estra, plus many, many more. The set includes an 80-page booklet with artwork by Ed Unitsky.

I’ve also just finished recording a short classical guitar piece for the upcoming new album from King Of Agogik (a.k.a. Hans Jörg Schmitz!) due for release later this year.

25 April 2013

The Dream Harbour is now available from the shop.

Many thanks to all those who placed preorders. These are now being shipped.

13 March 2013

The Dream Harbour, the new Willowglass album, is now complete and due for release in May! The track list remains as listed below.

4 December 2012

After some major studio equipment failures over the past few months, recording of new album has resumed again. We're now in the final stages of recording which should, hopefully, be completed towards the end of December/January, with the final release sometime early next year. The album will now also feature contributions from Steve Unruh (www.steveunruh.com) on both flute and violin. Steve is a member of the bands 'Resistor' and 'The Samauri of Prog', as well as a solo artist in his own right.

Other news is that both 'Book of Hours' and the first Willowglass album are now available again.

17 July 2012

A lot has been happening since the last update...

Recording is well underway for the next album (title 'The Dream Harbour') which will hopefully see release towards the end of 2012/start of 2013. So far, the track titles are as follows (all subject to change of course!):

A House Of Cards (pt. 1)

A Short Intermission

A House Of Cards (pt. 2)

Interlude No. 2

The Dream Harbour


The Face Of Eurydice

All the drum tracks have been recorded courtesy of Hans Jörg Schmitz (www.schlag-das-zeug.de), and Lee Gaskins (http://lgaskins.homestead.com) will again be providing the artwork.

You can see a short 'trailer' here (courtesy of Hans):


Also, here is a short video that Hans made during the recording sessions (apologies for any video/audio lag...we've tried to fix this with no success!):


Work is now underway to complete all the basic backing tracks over the next few weeks.

3 June 2011

Update time....

Writing of the third album continues. After a fairly quiet period, the last few months has seen a flurry of activity with a lot of new pieces and ideas being written and developed. As such, it is planned that the recording of the new album will start early next year with a release towards the end of the year.

The latest pressing of Book Of Hours has now sold out. It is planned to make this album available again next year when the new album is released. Meanwhile, the album is still availble for download from i-tunes and Amazon.

Plans are also still afoot to play live (with full band) when the new album is released....watch this space!

18 March 2010

Time to catch up on what's been happening since the last update....

The two most recent Colossus projects ('Purgatorio' and 'Rökstenen') have now both been released on Musea records.

Meanwhile, writing continues (slowly!) for the third Willowglass album. Most of the writing so far has centred on a number of 12-string guitar pieces/ideas. It is hoped that recording will comence at the start of 2011 with a release later that year.

10 April 2009

Both the 'Inferno' and 'Tuonen Tytär II' CD sets have now been released by Musea Records. As previously reported 'Inferno' features a track called 'The Crossing', whilst a cover version of Wigwam's 'Fairyport' is featured on 'Tuonen Tytär II'. Both these tracks are unavailable anywhere else.

The tracks for the other two Colossus Magazine projects have also been completed and submitted. The track for the 'Purgatorio' set will appear as Canto VII and has been renamed 'The Valley Of Kings'. The 'Rökstenen' set will feature a cover version of Kaipa's 'Oceaner Föder Liv'. Once again, these tracks will not be available anywhere else.

Plans for the future?.........Well, it is hoped that, after a short break, writing for the third Willowglass album will commence this summer. Also, there are plans to put together a band in order to present some Willowglass songs live at some point. Keep checking back to see how these plans develop!

21 October 2008

The Book of Hours album has just been nominated for this years "Best Foreign Record" by the Italian based Prog Awards site (www.progawards.it). Some of the other nominees include the recent releases from Neal Morse, Thieves Kitchen, The Tangent, Magenta, and Tempano.

Some reviews for Book of Hours have also been added to the Reviews section.

Meanwhile, work continues on the new track for the 'Purgatorio' project (working title 'The Valley of Flowers'), as well as the Kaipa track for 'Rökstenen'.

27 July 2008

Since the release of the Book of Hours album I've been invloved in a couple of projects for Colossus Magazine which will be released later this year on the Musea label.

The first is a track which will be included on a four CD box set entitled 'Inferno' (based on Dante's 'The Divine Comedy'). The set will feature 34 bands, each contributing one track to represent each of the 34 Cantos of Inferno. The set was originally going to be a three CD set, but this has now been expanded to four CDs due to the vast amount of music that was submitted by everyone! The Willowglass track represents Canto 12 (to which I also gave the subtitle 'The Crossing').

The second is a cover version of the Wigwam track 'Fairyport' which will be included on another CD set called 'Tuonen Tytär 2 (A Tribute To Finnish Progressive Rock Of The 70's)'. This release will feature 31 tracks, all of which will be cover versions of songs by Finnish progressive bands.

I've also signed up for another two submissions for future releases by Colossus. These will be a track for 'Purgatorio' (the second part of The Divine Comedy) and another cover version (this time of 'Oceaner Föder Liv' by Kaipa) for 'Rökstenen (A Tribute To Swedish Progressive Rock Of The 70's). These two will be released sometime in 2009.

For more information on these go to www.colossus.fi or www.myspace.com/colossusprojects.

26 May 2008

The new album, 'Book of Hours', was released today. The CD is availble now in the Shop or from your favourite CD vendor.

26 April 2008

Hello and welcome to the new look Willowglass website.

The main news is that the new Willowglass album, entitled 'Book of Hours', is now finished and is due to be released on 26 May 2008. The album was mastered by Marco Olivotto at Sonica Studios, Itlay.

The tracks are:

1. Argamasilla (11:04)

2. Willowglass (4:02)

3. The Maythorne Cross (10:39)

4. Book of Hours (7:13)

5. The Labyrinth (16:50)

Artwork for the album, which will also contain a 16 page booklet, was again provided by the very talented Lee Gaskins (who also supplied the artwork for this site!).

mp3 excerpts of the tracks can be heard on the discography page.

The title track from the new album can be heard on the Willowglass Myspace page (www.myspace.com/willowglass) as well as a couple of tracks from the first album.

The album is available for pre-order on the shop page.