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22 Apr 2024

The first Willowglass CD has now completely sold out and there are no plans for a repress at this point.
16 Jul 2023

A few additional copies of the now sold out first Willowglass CD have turned up. These are now available from the store while stocks last!

17 Jan 2018

'Book of Hours' vinyl is back up for pre-orders on the Store page. All prices now include free packing/shipping within the United Kingdom.

16 Jan 2018

The 'Book Of Hours' vinyl edition is now available from the Store page for pre-order. Release date is 29th January and all pre-orders will be shipped a couple of days before this date. UPDATE - Just had to temporarily stop the vinyl being sold as the Store area was miscalculating the shipping charges! This will be rectified today. Apologies for this.

11 Jan 2018

FIrst of all....welcome to the new look Willowglass website! Things have been pretty quiet for quite some time now. However, this is about to change as 2018 begins, with plans for vinyl releases, the writing/recording of the next album, the completion of a current 'covers' project, and, maybe, even some live dates further down the line. There is still some work to do with the site over the next few please be patient.

First item on the agenda - The 'Book Of Hours' vinyls have now arrived and will soon be available from the Store for pre-order! The release date is 29th January and any pre-orders will be shipped a couple of days before.

This is a double album vinyl complete with gatefold sleeve and an artwork paper insert to ensure all the original wonderful artwork by Lee Gaskins is on display. The vinyl includes all the tracks from the original CD release, plus an additonal two tracks ('The Crossing' and 'The Valley Of Kings') which were recorded around the same time but, until now, have only appeared on two compilation box sets from Colossus Magazine/Musea Records.

There are also plans to release both 'Willowglass' and 'The Dream Harbour' albums on vinyl at some point depending on the reaction to this release.

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